Diplomas Offered

Purpose Institute offers two diplomas. The Associate’s Diploma is generally awarded after successful completion of two years of classroom training and work at the maximum course load.

The training required for a Bachelor’s Diploma is generally completed in four years at the maximum course load. Listed below are the credits required for each diploma. The semester course layout and the credits given for each course can be found in the Curriculum and Course Description section.

The Associate’s Program credit requirement is 58 total credits.

Required Core Curriculum Credits52 credits
Experience Credits6 credits *
Total Credits58 credits

The Bachelor’s Program credit requirement is 116 total credits.

Required Core Curriculum Credits104 credits
Experience Credits12 credits *
Total Credits116 credits

* Experience credits are important to well-rounded training. Students can choose from a number of ministry activities in order to complete the Diploma requirements. (i.e. Teaching a 12-week Home Bible Study, Teaching a Sunday School class, etc.)